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Flippy Obsession

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About me

Mah name is Lauren Hi! *waves hand around* ^_^ I am obviously a Flippy Fangirl yup yup! Umm..I live in California in a plce called los Angeles *cough a place of major pollution cough* My hobbies are writing, drawing fanfics, jogging around the local park, helping in political campaigns and posting in HTF forums. I thank you Kenn navarro, Rhode Montijo, and Mondo Media!!! for creating Happy Tree Friends and especially Flippy! I also thank Stormy and Vanilla for encouraging me to make Flippy fan pics and then my own Flippy shrine!! :D. What else about me *puts thinking cap on* (Processing....processing...FAILED!!) Oh darn, my thinking cap failed, well, I guess that's it for now!!  

Flippy with a bomb!! *Fire in da hole!!

Go on! click the Flippy picture!!You know you wanna... You never know where it can they say curiosity kills the cat! mwahahahaha!!

I wanted to poste a picture of my two babies!
Codee and Sabrina *I wuv them soo much*

Certificate of Marriage
This is to certify that
Flippy & Flippylovr730
were married on
July 13, 2006
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Flippy belongs to Happy tree Friends and Mondo Media!