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Flippy Obsession

Signs you are obsessed with Flippy!
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Signs you are obsessed with Flippy!
About me

1. You start drawing nothing but Flippy, when your favorite things to draw used to be dragons and cute little kitty cats.

2. When you see the color green, you automatically think of, Flippy.

3. You have watched all the Flippy episodes! did I mention over and over again

4. You begin to watch Rambo when nothing else is on on TBS only for one sole purpose: It reminds you of FLIPPY!

5. You appreciate all Veterens of War and get extremely disgusted when you see one on the streets b/c veterens deserve better and stop the car to give him money (even tho he might spend it all on alcohol) and you support the troops with a passion!

6. The wallpaper on your desktop is FLIPPY!

7. You have a secret shrine of Flippy in your walk in body knows and you make sure no on knows...then way after midnight you being to worship this mighty Lord named Flippy!

8. You have pictures of Flippy on the walls of your room and when your mother fixess your bed when you are away discovers Flippy pictures under your pillow!

9. You begin to wear army clothes everywhere you go because! Flippy!

10. You repeatedly dream of the "green one" evernight and record it when you wake up! and wonder what it could possibly mean?

11. You begin to daydream of Flippy romantically.

12. You have stayed on long hours on HTF forums discussing how much Flippy rox your sox.
13. You have a Flippy poster hangin right over your bed *shifty eyes*
14. You marry Flippy from this one website marry your favorite hehe.
15. You plan to buy every single Flippy thing that is available on the HTF online store!

If you have been experiencing any of these symptons for a couple weeks. You may be diagnosed with Obsessive Flippy Disorder (OFD).

Flippy transforming to his alter ego *yikes*

Certificate of Marriage
This is to certify that
Flippy & Flippylovr730
were married on
July 13, 2006
Marry Your Favorite Character


Flippy belongs to Happy tree Friends and Mondo Media!